Purcari vineyards are located at the same latitude as France’s famous wine region - Bordeaux and the unique micro-climate of the the location between the Black Sea and the Nistru river create ideal conditions for the production of the highest quality wines.

As the region’s red wines developed their bouquets were able to attain levels of intensity and complexity comparable with best world wines.

Purcari's history begins in the eighteenth century, when the French colonists leased the lands of the Afon-Zograf Monastery, forcing them to keep vineyards in good order and paying a tenth of their income and fruit.

In 1827, Emperor of Russia Nicholas I issued a special decree granting Purcari the status of the first specialized winery in Bessarabia.

For a long time, Purcari wines were as popular as Bordeaux or Burgundy wines. The wine was served to Emperor Nicholas II as well as King George V and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Sold in Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and France, Purcari wines were highly appreciated and continued to win international acclaim.

Emerging from war, a new era in Purcari’s history started in 1950, when the Moldovan wine makers restored the classic production techniques of the famous wines, including famous Negru de Purcari and the unique Purpuriu de Purcari.

In Purcari cellars you will find among the meticulously-arranged array of French barriques, the matured and perfected diamonds of Purcari – Negru de Purcari, Rosu de Purcari, and Alb de Purcari.

At the Château, great wines naturally meet with great gastronomic experiences. A la carte food accompanied by wonderful Purcari wines will be appreciated by food connoisseurs and discerning travelers.

In the elegant restaurant you can taste several wines and by putting the aromas, tastes, and other sensations you will be experiencing into the history and vistas surrounding your visit.



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