"CRICOVA" wines is the founder of the production of high-quality elite wines and is rightly considered the pearl of Moldovan winemaking. The creation of this unique "temple of wine" occurred in 1952, when it was discovered the development of a microclimate, ideal for storing dry and sparkling wines.
Cricova has a huge collection of wines - more than 1 million bottles, including French, Italian and Spanish wines, as well as samples from many other countries. 
In its tasting room you can enjoy fine collection wines and sparkling wines, the pride of the winery. 

Et Cetera Winery is a small family company located in the southeast of Moldova, in one of the most favorable areas for viticulture. Thanks to the close proximity of the Black Sea and the Dniester River, an ideal terroir has been formed here to grow the best varieties of grapes. Balancing between modern technology and traditional methods, Et Cetera has achieved unique flavors and taste.

While visiting Et Cetera you will have the opportunity to taste high-quality wines directly from the barrel and treat yourself to traditional southern Moldovan dishes or stay in the cozy house of the winemaker and enjoy a meal right in the heart of the vineyards.

Purcari vineyards are located at the same latitude as France’s famous wine region - Bordeaux and the unique micro-climate of the the location between the Black Sea and the Nistru river create ideal conditions for the production of the highest quality wines.

As the region’s red wines developed their bouquets were able to attain levels of intensity and complexity comparable with best world wines.

The winery "Milestii Mici" was founded in 1969 for storage and aging of high quality wines. Over the years, the company changed its status. At the moment it is a state enterprise specializing in the production, storage and sale of alcoholic beverages, the properties of which amaze the connoisseurs with their wise perfection!

Kvint-a winery and destilary with 120 years of history, holds a leading position among the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Moldova. Unique climate, fertile soil, hilly terrain and vicinity of the river Dniester created most favorable conditions for growing best grapes; modern equipment, advanced technologies, original recipes, respect to ancient traditions and passionate work of KVINT professionals – all these factors allow us to produce admirable beverages, which compete with world renowned brands.

Situated in a picturesque area of Orheiul Vechi, underground "Brăneşti Cellars" always awakens the astonishment of the numerous visitors from the country and abroad. The Branesti cellars have an area of 75ha at a depth of 60 meters underground.

Wine assortment of the Branesti includes 180 names of red and white wines, as well as 7 collectible ones, and wines produced by special technology such as Madera, Marsala, pastoral wine



"Château Vartely" is a modern company that combines state-of-the-art technologies in vine growing and grape processing with the passion for producing quality wine. 

Its own vineyards in the Codru and Stepa Bugeac regions of Moldova ensure the high quality of the wines created. Microclimate in these areas allows the production of unique wines. Selected wines from European and indigenous varieties, together with the authentic wine consumption culture, placed Château Vartely in the top of Moldovan winemakers and in the top of consumer preferences, both in Moldova and abroad. From the same respect for tradition and authenticity, "Château Vartely" opens in 2008 a tourist complex. Located just 45 km from Chişinău, the Château Vartely complex has a special architecture and presents a true landscape delight.

"Aerotour Moldova" SRL invites you to visit the wine-making enterprise Migdal-P: to deep into a special world where time stands still, and every glass of wine marks a new beginning. Generations are replaced, and wines remain to tell about riches, culture and history. We invite you to make a journey, opening a new page of history entitled "The Art of Honoring Traditions."