Moldova is a sovereign, independent country. The form of government of the State is the Republic.

The Parliament — is the supreme representative body of the people and the sole legislative authority of the State in the Republic of Moldova. Parliament consists of 101 members.

Chisinau — the capital of the republic of Moldova. Chisinau is a significant administrative, political, economic, scientific, cultural and touristic centre of the Republic of Moldova. The first historic record of the name Chisinau goes back to July 17, 1436. The name derives from a word meaning «spring, pump, pipe». The City is divided into 5 sectors: Centre, Buiucani, Botanica, Riscani and Ciocana. The Greater Chisinau area comprises 18 territorial administrative areas: 1 municipality, 6 towns, 8 communities and 3 villages. The local administrative state body is the City Hall of Chisinau.Annual City celebration:14-th of October.

The national currency, the Moldovan Leu, was introduced on the 29-th of November 1993.

1 Leu = 100 ban.


  • total: 33,843 sq. km

  • land: 33,371 sq. km

  • water: 472 sq. km (main rivers: Danube, Nistru, Prut, Raut; main lakes: Beleu, Bic, Dracele)

Main cities: Chisinau, Balti, Tighina (Bender), Tiraspol

Climate: moderate winters (in January –4…–7°C), warm summers (in July +25…+28°C)

Country code: +373

Domain: .md