It is situated on the shore of Nistru River at the distance of 10 km from Camenca town. It is the only monastery from Bessarabia that was never closed by the Soviet authorities. This monastery has a rare location due to the beauty of the horizon that gladdens tourists’ eyes. The rocks above the monastery, but especially above the old hermitage, the Nistru windings, which can be seen from far away, the gardens that surrounds it makes up the special beauty of the monastery. The Japca locality dates back to the 17th century. According to the majority of the records, the estate and the hermitage are named Japca, some named Jabca or even Sabca. In 1818 Japca hermitage got the statute of monastery. In 1940 the nuns and sisters had been chased away from the monastery, the authorities from Japca locality with the Soviets permission, confiscated all the fortune of the saint place. In 1941 with the arrival of the Romanian army, the nuns came back to the monastery and got back all the goods.

The summer church built in 1915 has three sanctuaries situated in the East side: centre-Raise of God festival, right-Changing of the Face, left- Saint Cross. Japca Monastery follows Russian rules and traditions.


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