It is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova. It is situated about 40 km north – west of Chisinau at the Isnovat locality. The first official document which contains data about Capriana Monastery is the Alexander the Kind royal charters dating from April 25, 1420. Initially the monastery was named after Vasnavet river; later it was renamed into Capriana, thus honoring the name Chiprian who was the first Superior of the monastery. Because of the economical decline and cultural stagnation the Capriana Monastery experimented a difficult period in the XVIIth century.

Only after 1813 thanks to metropolitan bishop Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni a revigoration of monastic life was registered. On June 29, 1940, a day after the conquest of Basarabia by Soviet troupes, the whole estate of the monastery was confiscated. The Soviet State declared the Capriana Monastery an architectural monument governmentally protected, but at the same times the monastery begun to be foraged and crashed.

After 1962, the monastery was transformed into a sanatorium for sick children. With the Republic of Moldova Council of Ministers decision the Capriana Monastery became again a place for orations; the first abbot of the monastery was archimandrite Iosif Gargalac who was an ex- abbot at the Soruceni Monastery. With the retreating of the abbot Iosif the monastery was conducted by hieromonk Serafim, who continued the reconstruction of the monastery. In 1994 – 1997 the refectory of the monastery was reconstructed and transformed into a church for winter orations.


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