You will in love in this country. The picturesque hilly landscapes; mix of traditions and culture of different peoples, habits and languages; marvelous hospitality; the Soviet past and modern technology in the Transnistria, the world largest collection of wine, an underground wine city and, of course, fine wines and delicious food.

Discover the roots of life!

4 days / 3 nights
  • 477 €/person — 3* hotel 
  • 495 €/person — 4* hotel
  • 570 €/person — 5* hotel

Full-day tour to one the most misterious region of Moldova - Gagauzia. Gagauzians are the only representatives of Turkic origin that affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox Church and this create an uniq combination of traditions, habits and cuisine.

  • the panoramic tour of Comrat - the capital of the autonomous region
  • discover the beauty and diversity of rural life, become acquainted with traditions and Gagauz culture in one of the biggest village in Europe - Kongaz
  • have a traditional lunch of gagauzian food and discover its uniqueness from in balcanic, turkish, romanian or slavonic roots
  • taste excellent wine from Budjac region

You will have a whole day to find answers to the 3 riddles of the city of Soroca:

  • Soroca fortress of the XV century, a unique monument of the defensive architecture in Europe
  • "The Hill of the Settled Gypsies", on the heights of the city of Soroki were built elegant houses, known as the "Swallow Nest."
  • the church in the form of a burning candle, folded in an unusual manner of stonework with stunning views

Dive for one day in a region which combines medieval history with the story behind Moldova’s post-Soviet rift:

  • Noul Neamt Monastery with the highest bell tower in Moldova
  • the largest medieval fortress in Euroep - Bender fortress
  • return to Soviet era in Tiraspol
  • taste Ukrainian food

Grab the chance to discover the charms of Moldova !

You will have the incredible opportunity to discover picturesque landscapes, traditions and culture of the country, which embraced different nations, habits and languages: breathtaking cave monastery perched above a winding valley at Orheiul Vechi, Soviet-loving, immersion in the breakaway Transnistria, worlds largest wine collection and underground wine city and of course, savory wine and food.

5 days / 4 nights
  • 489 €/person — 3* hotel 
  • 509 €/person — 4* hotel
  • 595 €/person — 5* hotel

8ми-дневный СБОРНЫЙ ЭКОНОМ ТУР!!!
Гарантированные даты заезда: каждый вторник и пятница

Кишинев - Старый Орхей - Крикова - Приднестровье - Сороки - Гагаузия - Сахарна - Цыпова - Малые Милешты - Кишинев

8 дней / 7 ночнй
  • 699 €/чел — отели 3* 
  • 739 €/чел — отели 4*
  • 919 €/чел — отели 5*